Shaping Mobility 2020
embracing innovation & sustainability  

This year in a virtual environment

Shaping Mobility is a global conference dedicated to creating efficient, sustainable and safe movement

- empowered by people and enabled by technology. 

Hosted this year in a virtual environment, we want to gather input of all shapers of the transportation ecosystem: planners & policy makers, innovators & regulators, fleet operators and mobility providers - from industry to academia, from NGOs to start-ups. Together, we strive to answer one common question: How to shape the movement of people and goods for generations to come?

Therefore we are working on a webinar series filled with expert talks, project and product demos as well as virtual discussions, embracing innovation and optimized transport that have a positive impact on the environment. 

Be part of the movement and shape the mobility of the future together with us!

Topical Streams of Shaping Mobility 2020:

Shared mobility & transport

Are we willing to give up ownership of private cars for a seamlessly integrated mix of micro-mobility and public transport? How can we create sharing concepts for micro depots, intermodal transport and combined shipments to optimize logistics and mobility within cities and nationwide?

Human-centered mobility & transport

Cities are for people. Therefore, we need to create urban design concepts with focus on active mobility and special attention on safety and inclusion. In parallel, growing e-commerce and driver’s shortage demands new solutions to satisfy increasing customer expectations.

Autonomous mobility & transport

How can the impact of connected autonomous modes of transport be simulated and shaped? What are the hazards of robotic cars and what are the potentials of Level 5? Discuss the opportunities, challenges and risks of new technologies and data models.

Planet-focused mobility & transport

A quarter of all emissions derive from road transport. As the demand grows to drive emissions down, let’s discuss technologies and business models around urban planning, e-mobility, fleet-optimization and last-mile delivery to create an environmentally friendly lifecycle.

Efficient mobility & transport

Optimization of operations is the focus of every transport operator. How do you manage the challenge of moving people and goods while facing ever growing congestion and demand? How can tech maximize optimization combining economic and environmental benefit?

Data-driven and innovative mobility & transport

Drone-delivery, air traffic and fully transparent smart city concepts based on AI and Blockchain – far away or just around the corner? How will it shape the mobility ecosystem? Get to know the innovators behind some of today’s revolutionary ideas for the mobility of the future.

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