Online info sessions for users of PTV Software.

PTV Vissim: Realistically and vividly simulate multimodal and microscopic traffic

PTV Visum: The leading software for multimodal transport planning & macroscoping traffic simulations

PTV Viswalk: Realistically simulate and display the behaviour of pedestrians

This year we are organising 3 free online information sessions exclusively for users of PTV software. Each info session focuses on one of our products. During the information sessions, various external speakers will share their experiences and representatives from PTV Group will share some of the latest highlights within our software.

The info sessions are being held online and are free of charge. We strive for an open and interactive event in which everyone may participate, you are invited to turn your camera on and make yourself heard.

What to expect in each info session?
Guest speakers who will share their experience on how PTV software has contributed to their project. We will also be sharing tips and tricks on how to utilize the software most efficiently and you will have the opportunity to consult our software expert on any feature. As soon as the speakers are confirmed you will find the detailed information in the agenda below.


Date & Time

PTV Vissim
The latest PTV Vissim developments e.g. evaluation of detailed parking data and best practices from fellow users. Microscopic Simulation in a Large Scale - Challenges and Possibilities are presented by Carl-Johan Schultze from WSP.
April 15th
10:30 - 12:00 am CET

PTV Viswalk
The latest PTV Viswalk developments e.g. how to plan safer places during pandemics and best practices from fellow users. Practical example provided by Tan-Na Cheng from Sweco Sweden. Title for the presentation: Toilet or sausage, which one to choose? Viswalk can help you. ''During the short break of a match it is always chaotic at toilets and kiosks. Should you prioritize going to toilet and risk not having enough time to buy your sausage? Or do you have time for both but miss the first few minutes of the second-half? If you are the arena manager, municipality, or police, you may want to know if the fans’ basic needs are met and that they are generally happy. Otherwise these irritations and dissatisfactions may grow out of control especially when triggered by negative result from the match. Therefore, we Sweco build a VisWalk model to make sure the number of toilets and kiosks of the new ice arena in Uppsala were sufficient.''
April 22nd
10:30 - 12:00 am CET

PTV Visum
The latest PTV Visum developments e.g. easier planning of EV’s and ride-sharing systems and how to plan for social distancing on public transport and best practices from fellow users. How may large-scale autonomous cars change transports in Gothenburg? Curious? Astrid Michielsen from Trivector will tell you more about it.
May 20th
10:30 - 12:00 am CET


Wouter Moerland | PTV Group
Mobility Expert
Carl-Johan Schultze | WSP
PTV Vissim
Astrid Michielsen | Trivector
PTV Visum
Tan-Na Cheng | Sweco Sweden
PTV Viswalk


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