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The PTV Austria Team

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Managing Directors

Thomas Epp

Managing Director PTV Austria

Thomas Epp has over 20 years of experience in dealing with real-time traffic information and traffic forecast and has represented PTV in Austria since 2008. After his masters in business administration in combination with Computer Science, he worked as Project Leader for several projects, especially for traffic management centers with model-based status detection of traffic conditions and forecasts on this basis, for the use of variable message signs and traffic light systems and since 2016 he is Global Project Director worldwide for the sector New Mobility. Recent projects deal with the calculation of arrival times of public transport using current vehicle positions and timetables. He also focuses on merging the business areas of transport and logistics in Austria and Southeastern Europe. Since April 2019 he has been managing the business of PTV Austria as Managing Director together with Peter Möhl.

Peter Möhl

Managing Director PTV Austria

Peter Möhl studied civil engineering with a focus on traffic planning and traffic simulation at the University of Karlsruhe (KIT). He has been working at PTV since 2000. From the beginning, he led groundbreaking projects in the areas of traffic planning and traffic engineering and gained in-depth knowledge in the field of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), business strategy, project and product management. As Director Sales Traffic Software, he has built up international business in various regions of the world. Since April 2019, he has been managing the business of PTV Austria as Managing Director together with Thomas Epp.

The Team

Maria Fleischer

Sales Manager Austria

Maria Fleischer has been part of the PTV Austria team in Vienna as Sales Manager for the PTV Traffic Software products since 2018. She studied Business Administration (BSc) at the Vienna University of Economics and Business, and Transport Planning and Environment (MSc) at the University of Newcastle, England. The study choice and her decision to work for the PTV Group is based on her motivation to make mobility safer, more efficient, environmentally friendly and future-oriented. As a contact person for customers and prospects in the region of PTV Austria, she puts great emphasis on customer satisfaction and competent advice to enable innovative applications of PTV Traffic products.

Daniel Hamrle

Technical Project Manager

Daniel Hamrle studied ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems) at UAS Technikum Wien and at CTU in Prague and has been working at PTV Austria since 2013. He is mainly involved in Optima projects where he acts in the role of (technical) project manager. The Optima systems, which he brought to a successful conclusion in the context of the projects, are still used today in traffic management centers in Austria, Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovenia or even Dubai. He is fluent in Czech, German and English.

Luana Popa

Marketing and Inside Sales

Luana Popa studied business administration at the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration (BSc), Austria. After completing her master's degree in marketing at the same university (MSc), she began working for PTV Austria in March 2019. She is responsible for marketing and inside sales and speaks fluent Romanian, German and English.

Ingo Schüttenkopf

Technical Support

Ingo Schüttenkopf, graduate civil engineer, works at PTV Austria GmbH as a traffic engineer since 2018. He got his first insights of the PTV Vision products at the Technical University of Graz. Now he works as a member of the Projectmanagement and Services (PM&S) team on international (Real-Time) projects and is also active on the lead level. Now he is working on international (real-time) projects in the Project Management and Services (PM&S) and is also active at the executive level. He is also responsible for the support of the customer base of the sales region PTV Austria GmbH.

Nora Szabo

Sales Manager Southeastern Europe

Nora Szabo is Sales Manager at PTV Austria GmbH and she is responsible for the PTV Traffic Software products in South Eastern Europe. Her area of responsibility also includes the partner management and the coordination of national tendering processes. She studied Civil Engineering, with a special focus on transportation systems, at the Technical University of Munich (MSc) and at the Technical University of Budapest (BSc). She has been part of the PTV Group since 2012. Before being appointed as Sales Manager in Vienna in 2017, she was in the position of an international project manager for European research projects at the PTV headquarter in Karlsruhe. She is fluent in Hungarian, German and English.

Partner ELSOL

Sorin Dumitrescu

Executive Manager

Sorin Dumitrescu studied Electronics and Telecommunications (BSc) at “Politehnica” University of Bucharest and has a Master Degree (MSc) at the same university in the field of Telecommunication Networks. He has more than 20 years experience in Communication Systems for different fields of transport from Air Traffic Control, Waterborne Transport to Automotive. In the last 15 years Mr Sorin Dumitrescu has been involved in design and consultancy in Communications and ITS Systems like Traveller Information and Traffic Management Systems for different Municipalities and also for Motorways in Romania.

Andreea Voicu

 Transport Telematics Researcher

Andreea Voicu studied Electronics and Telematics in Transport (BSc) at “Politehnica” University of Bucharest and has a Master Degree (MSc) at the same university in the field of Intelligent Transport Systems. She works at ELSOL since 2013 from the time she was still a student and has over 6 years experience in the field of Mobility and Intelligent Transport Systems and has participated in research design and consultancy projects such as Traveller Information and Urban Mobility for different Municipalities and also for Motorways in Romania. Andreea is responsible for technical assistance and support for clients and potential clients in Romania.