PTV Developer Bootcamp

From Geocoding to Routing

Setting the Scene – From Geocoding to Routing

Let's get started with our kick-off event in the PTV Developer Bootcamp. In the first session, we'll get you covered with the basics, so that you have the perfect foundation for your PTV Developer project. We'll start of with basic geocoding, getting the pin points displayed on our PTV maps and then build our first route. In addition, Excel import via drag and drop as well as Excel export will make your life so much easier. To top it off, we'll do some basic ETA calculations and take a look at CO2 emissions reporting. While working with state-of-the-art development frameworks and libraries such as Tailwind, Next JS, TypeScript and React, we'll build a responsive, state of the art web app based on a REST web service in the backend.

Date: October 18th, 2022
1:00 - 1:30 pm est.
What will be covered in this session:
  • Single field geocoding on the fly
  • Drag and drop geocoding via excel files
  • Geolocation Scoring: How good is my result?
  • State of the art high resolution vector map
  • Points, markers and polylines on vector maps
  • Routing with profiles tailored to your vehicle type
  • ETA: When do I reach my destination with live traffic information
  • Measuring my pollutions
Lars Moritz
Senior Development Specialist - Innovation
Christopher Patschkowski
Head of Business Development Logistics 

Programming Frameworks & Libraries

Developer APIs

Geocoding & Places API

Find geolocations, convert street addresses into GPS coordinates, and reverse geocode locations
Vector Map API

Display geographical data and traffic information on accurate, interactive and customizable maps
Routing API

Plan optimal and cost-effective routes for any vehicle, and provide users with reliable arrival times

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