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The current situation related to Covid-19 brings enormous uncertainty. How will the pandemic affect people’s behavior and mobility as a whole? 
With PTV Group technology, you get clarity by predicting, testing and scaling scenarios of urban mobility. It is your reliable way to create a safe, sustainable and efficient mobility today, and improve quality of life for all. 

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Virtual booth times: January 21st-22nd & 25th-29th, 2021 at 11:00 am - 3:00 pm EST. 

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Updates of PTV Vissim for Freeway & CAV Simulation
Presentation by Jochen Lohmiller, PTV Group
January 6th, 12:00-1:30 pm EST
Impacts of Holding Area Policies on Shared Autonomous Vehicles Operations
Poster presentation by Chetan Joshi, PTV Group
January 25th, 10:00-11:30 am EST
Key Errata for Interrupted Flow Methods
Presentation by Bill Cisco, PTV Group
January 27th, 10:00-11:30 am EST

Covid-19 Recovery & Mobility

Transport planning faces huge challenges as the world emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic. With social distancing measures, budget constraints, and a weary public – we all need to adjust. Discover how traffic planners overcome these challenges by using the best tech tools:

Free webinar: A re-imagined American city? Urban mobility after covid-19

During the pandemic, many cities went through radical mobility transformations. But as life returns to a new normal, will those changes last? Will America turn the page on car-centered mobility?

Watch the online discussion with leading American mobility experts about the decision-making process during times of coronavirus.

Intelligent Intersections - Modeling with PTV Vistro

Easily build a network of efficient intersections and roundabouts, with PTV Vistro software.
This recording of PTV Talks demonstrates the use of PTV Vistro for analyzing innovative interchanges and alternative intersections including DDI, CFI, SPUI, RCUT, MCUT, etc. and covers:

  • Modeling Strategies
  • Advanced geometry setups
  • Traffic controllers shared at multiple intersections
  • PTV Vistro 2021 model merging and update tools
  • Simulation in PTV Vissim

Top Mobility Tools for 2021

The latest versions of our world-leading simulation tools are now available:

PTV Vissim 2021: Enhances your prioritization of the most urgent traffic decisions after covid-19
  • Easily model ITS infrastructure, including ramp metering
  • New parking evaluations for measuring parking and curbside performance
  • Replace scripting with new built-in functionality
  • Share more evaluations by recording 2D animations
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PTV Vistro 2021: Focus on post-covid recovery and cost-saving urban mobility system integrations

  • Enhanced network building using new model merge capabilities to stitch networks together and insert complex templates
  • Improved integrations to PTV Vissim for unrivaled out-of-the-box microsimulation capabilties
  • Faster building and maintaining of urban mobility system in PTV Visum
  • Improved handling of traffic signal controller and intersection numbering
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PTV Visum 2021: New insights and quicker modeling for safer travel in times of covid-19

  • Up to 60% faster runtimes and 65% reduction in file sizes
  • Plan for social distancing with capacity-constrained Public Transit assignments
  • New tool to visualize activities of people and vehicles at certain times and locations
  • Enhanced modeling of electric vehicles in shared fleets
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PTV Viswalk 2021: Better modeling of pandemic-related measures and unexpected scenarios

  • Measure spacing between pedestrians for social distancing applications
  • Industry leading up to a 25% increase in simulation speed
  • Replace scripting with new built-in functionality
  • Easier planning for emergency evacuations from buildings, with the latest RSET heatmaps to visualize evacuation times spatially

PTV Academic Community

Our goal is to empower researchers, educators, and students to shape the future of mobility and transportation. Over 400 universities trust in PTV software, including more than 50% of the top 100 universities in Civil Engineering worldwide.

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Can you predict traffic accidents before they occur?

Neil Thorpe, Lee Fawcett & team,
Newcastle University
Better, faster, safer – is improved street connectivity the solution you were looking for?
Milan Zlatkovic, Assistant Professor, Department of Civil and Architectural Engineering, University of Wyoming
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