PTV Group at Smart City Expo World Congress
Barcelona, 19 - 21 November 2019

Let’s realize the dreams of your city!

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Smart Cities of today have one vision: To provide freedom of movement to all, which is key for economic growth and equality - mobility that works for all its inhabitants: efficient, safe and sustainable.

We at PTV Group share this vision. And we have solutions: Our world’s leading technology already optimizes the movement of people, goods and all modes of transport in 2,500 cities.

Cities using our solutions go beyond standard planning: they simulate entire transport networks, predict congestion and offer smart alternatives, optimize complex logistic operations, cities increase road safety, and fight air pollution.

With PTV technology, cities realize the dream of efficient, sustainable and safe mobility for everyone.

At our booth at Smart City Expo in Barcelona, we will offer a range of solutions for road safety, reduction of air pollution, and creation of a balanced mobility ecosystem.

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Paulo Humanes
Vice President Business Development & New Mobility, PTV Group

Theme Keynote:
"Disrupt to improve: How AI enables new urban mobility services"

In urban mobility and city planning, modelling and simulation based on AI is the key: Advanced algorithms help decision-makers better understand the complexity of a city’s infrastructure and design. AI gives city and transportation planners and logistics providers new opportunities to create urban space with safe, sustainable and efficient mobility services for everybody.
19 November, 2019, 17:00 - 19:00 h, Mobility Room

Solutions Talk Session:
"How do you establish Mobility as a Service in Barcelona?"

Cities and mobility providers face different challenges when deploying Mobility as a Service. With PTV software they can tackle them. Our Software modules for MaaS analyses and tests different scenarios and provides a KPI framework. For Barcelona, we have calculated that a fleet of 4,300 vehicles is necessary and every vehicle would transport on average over 55 passengers per day.
20 November 2019, 14:00 - 14:45 h, South District Agora

Jaume Barcelo
Strategic Advisor, PTV Group

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Frédéric Reutenauer
Vice President Strategic Partnerships, Project Management & Services
Regional Managing Director Southern Europe

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Paulo Humanes
VP Business Development & New Mobility

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Vidal Roca
Sales Manager Iberia

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Jaume Barcelo
Strategic Advisor

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