Reduce overall transport costs significantly with optimised routing and scheduling from PTV Group

PTV Route Optimiser

Let PTV Group help you uncover hidden costs within your transport logistics operation. Regardless if you run a fixed route structure or plan dynamically, our software takes into account waste type restrictions at transfer stations. Features within Route Optimiser enable you to analyse your business as a whole, and see if waste collections are being brought back to the appropriate processing plant. You can also set the type of waste processed at each plant by allowing the system to pick the correct depot based on what the load type is that each vehicle has collected.

PTV Route Optimiser provides a range of flexibility and functionality, making the software suitable for all industry sectors. Thanks to the versatility of Route Optimiser, it can be used for daily route scheduling and optimisation, strategic level planning and also for real-time fleet management.Multiple benefits that come with Route Optimiser include improved reporting from KPI's, significant cost savings, reduction in your CO2 emissions and improved customer service.

PTV Group and Waste Management

The Transportation Research Group are involved in research and consultancy in all aspects of traffic and transport. TRG have considerable expertise in modelling waste collection rounds.

PTV offers the latest innovative and market-leading solutions including fully automated and interactive software for scheduling transport routes, accurate trip cost calculation and real-time journey management including Estimated Time of Arrival, truck navigation and parking.

Our intelligent algorithms help companies optimise route planning and make the most efficient use of resources. Our customers save time and money - even with a small fleet route optimisation tools result in 7% - 25% savings.

Find out why TRG chose PTV Route Optimiser to assist them with waste collection modelling.

PTV Product Portfolio

Further efficiencies can be gained at destinations with Map&Guide, Map&Market and Drive&Arrive. These can automatically inform partners' systems and customers directly about ETAs. For larger fleets and software developers. the PTV xServer suite underpins the full Logistics product portfolio. It is fully scalable and customizable and allows users to seamlessly integrate logistics APIs with systems such as ERP, CRM, SCM and TMS or build their own solution with the PTV xServer modules, saving costly in-house development.

PTV Map&Guide - Efficient truck route planning and transport cost calculation
PTV Drive&Arrive - Automatically informs partners and customers of time of arrival
PTV Route Optimiser - Cloud based scheduling and route optimisation
PTV xServer - Integration of mapping and routing engines
PTV Navigator - Navigation and routing specific for vehicle types

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