The next generation of PTV Route Optimiser:

new planning method, extended algorithms

More precise and closer to reality - with the new, innovative planning method from PTV Route Optimiser, you can experience state-of-the-art route planning. The advanced algorithms and new functions not only ensure optimized routes, but also lower transport costs, optimally utilized resources and faster planning.

Discover the highlights of the new PTV Route Optimiser:

Highlight 1: Long-term traffic obstructions

The new planning method allows for the consideration of long-term traffic obstructions, such as permanent construction sites, closed bridges or freeway exits.

Highlight 2: Time-dependent travel times

Driving on certain sections of a route in the morning rush hour takes longer than during the day. Thanks to the new planning method, PTV Route Optimiser can now take traffic volumes at different times of the day into account when planning and calculating travel times. This leads to even more realistic planning results.

Highlight 3: Driving sutainability

With the help of new features (e.g. maximum distance), the optimization can be tailored even more closely to electrically powered vehicles.
In addition, the allocation of the emissions calculation has been adapted to the new EU standard EN16258, so that emissions can now be reported per tour stop and order level.

Highlight 4: Simplified working with areas

Create your own planning areas and have them displayed and taken into account directly during planning - this is now possible with the new version of PTV Route Optimiser. For example, you can specify that different areas are used as a basis on weekdays than on weekends. In addition, the integration of the module has been simplified and accelerated.

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