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Transportation Webinar Program 2021

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Detailed Toll: why more precise is better
The new standard for toll calculation
The time has come: We have implemented the new, so-called "detailed toll" in our services as the new standard for toll calculation, with broad coverage in Europe and the United States. 
But what exactly is detailed toll and what makes it different from standard toll?
What new capabilities does it bring and what to consider when using it?
We will cover these questions and more in the webinar - looking at both the technical and sales aspects. Feel free to send us your questions in advance, and we'll answer them live.


Operational tour planning in building materials trade
Operational tour planning in the building materials trade: from roof tiles to foundations, every building material is different

Different properties, individual time windows for further processing: building materials place special demands on scheduling and transport. Are you already planning "intelligent"?

Using a best practice, we will show you how you can:

  • calculate route suggestions and planning alternatives in a flash
  • inform and involve your customers with real-time ETA forecasts
  • optimally utilize the capacity of your fleet
  • relieve your dispatchers and at the same time process more orders faster


Cost optimized routing: less is more
Cost-optimized routing with PTV developer components in the new release

  • How does the new routing work?
  • What distinguishes this function from the previous solution?
  • What new possibilities does the new routing offer you?
  • What should you consider when switching to this solution?
We will address these questions and other aspects in the webinar - highlighting both the technical and sales aspects. Feel free to send us your questions in advance and we will answer them live.


Route planning in wholesale - strategic and operational planning
Route planning in wholesale: how to cope with changing market dynamics and increasing price pressure in wholesale.

Strong fluctuations in delivery quantities, flexible order time windows until shortly before delivery, increasing dynamics in the delivery day or even daily deliveries - manual route planning can no longer cope with these challenges. 

Using best practice, we will show you how you can:

  • calculate tour proposals and planning alternatives in a flash
  • optimally plan framework tours or daily free tours
  • inform and involve your customers with real-time ETA forecasts
  • Optimally utilize your fleet
  • Relieve dispatchers, pick later and process more orders faster


Evaluate tours in execution: up to date anytime
Evaluate your tours already during execution, and you stay up to date anytime

Calculating optimal tours in advance is standard today, however the plan must measure up to reality.

We will show you how to

  • evaluate currently driven tours at any time,
  • take into account marginal parameters such as the customer's time window, service times, driving and resting times,
  • take into account historical and real-time traffic information, and
  • react and reschedule in case of detected deviations from the original route planning.


Put an end to pen and paper: digitize your disposition
Algorithmic route optimization, automatic notification and shipment tracking with live ETA 

Specialized knowledge in the heads of dispatchers and  drivers, only partially maintained master data, increasing requirements on the part of customers - well-known challenges in transport logistics.

You can achieve a consistent level of service, even in the event of vacation or illness, by consistently mapping and using planning-relevant master data and algorithmically supported route optimization. Find out how this works in our webinar.