State-of-the-art emissions calculation

for your transports

Many companies are pursuing the goal of more sustainable management. However, they usually lack a transparent data basis with concrete sustainability indicators. How much CO2 do the transports cause? Are resources being optimally utilized? In which areas is there potential for savings? With the software solutions from WAVES and PTV, you can answer these questions and derive an effective sustainability strategy from them.

WAVES: Making sustainability visible

Using the Sustainability Management Platform (SMP) from WAVES, companies from all industries can perform carbon footprint calculations and sustainability analyses. SMP enables decision-makers to identify energy savings potential and to make their companies more sustainable. In addition, WAVES offers tailored sustainability consulting on EU taxonomy, climate reporting and sustainability management and conducts "climate checks".

PTV Group: Efficient and sustainable route planning

By using PTV route planning software, companies can not only reduce their transport costs, improve resource utilisation and increase efficiency, but also reduce their transport-related CO2 emissions by up to 17%. The PTV software solutions and integrable development components can be connected to all conventional TMS, ERP and telematics systems.
Taken together, the software solutions from PTV and WAVES calculate optimized routes for your logistics, ensure transparent and efficient use of resources and help you reduce CO2 emissions.

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