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SimCert - Rating Environment Simulation Solutions 

About this webinar:
  • Environment simulation software has become a major part in the development of ADAS and Autonomous Driving systems.
  • This growing market provides numerous solutions, offerings, and new features. So, identifying good candidates for one's own use cases has become a challenge. SimCert aims to address this issue by providing independent, impartial reviews of open source and commercial tools along a unified list of criteria.
  • In this free webinar, we will provide for the first time a close insight into this project, and discuss your questions live.
About the presenter:
  • Marius Dupuis is the founder and owner of SimCert, and a consultant of ADAS and autonomous driving.
  • He has over 25 years’ experience in simulation for flight, railroad and automotive systems. In 1996 Marius co-founded VIRES, a provider of environment simulation solutions, including traffic and sensor models. He is the co-author of simulation data standards  OpenDRIVE,  OpenCRG and  OpenSCENARIO, and the co-founder of GEONATIVES - a geodata and simulation think-tank. 

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