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PTV Drive-In: SimCert - Rating Environment Simulation Solutions 
Environment simulation software has become a major part in the development of ADAS and Autonomous Driving systems. This growing market provides numerous solutions, offerings, and new features. So, identifying good candidates for one's own use cases has become a challenge. SimCert aims to address this issue by providing independent, impartial reviews of open source and commercial tools along a unified list of criteria. In this free webinar, we will provide for the first time a close insight into this project, and discuss your questions live. (Recorded June 2021)
PTV Drive-In: Scenario Mining for ADAS/AV Development
Development of ADAS/AV functions involves testing them in realistic conditions, as if the vehicles encounter real-life traffic. Creating such “real life traffic” in a test environment can be done with scenario testing, which involves scenario creation and variation. This free webinar will show how to do both by using advanced traffic simulation – leading to the speed-up of the ADAS/AV development. We will also demonstrate how simulations are used for scenario mining. (Recorded May 2021)
PTV Drive-In: Optimal Automated Driving in Mixed Traffic
Connected and automated vehicles (CAVs) present ample opportunities for energy efficient driving by better planning. The interactions between them and human drivers play a key role in determining this efficiency. This free webinar will provide an overview of frameworks to interface CAV control schemes and on road experiments with PTV Vissim traffic simulation tool. It will highlight energy and traffic efficiency potentials of CAVs. The presenter will also discuss the impact of anticipative vehicle guidance on energy and traffic efficiency of CAVs and surrounding human-driven vehicles, resulting from a US Department of Energy funded project. (Recorded April 2021)
PTV Drive-In: Development of Traffic Collision Simulation Technology for Estimating Effectiveness of Vehicle Safety Functions
Recently, more vehicle models are equipped with advanced emergency braking (AEB) to mitigate collision damage. In most cases, the effectiveness of AEB is tested in proving grounds. But this is challenging, because of so many possible scenarios. In this free webinar, we demonstrate how computer simulations can optimize testing of AEB in various road traffic situations, including vehicle collision at an intersection. (Recorded March 2021)
PTV Drive-in: Scenario-Based Virtual Validation
It is common place to use simulators to validate ADAS and AV stacks in virtual environments nowadays. The industry largely agrees on a quality over mere quantity view on things. Key to simulation, however, is to replicate the real-world. To this end we demonstrate how we extract the scene and traffic participants of test drives and bring both into the virtual domain. We demonstrate examples of early tests to replicate real-world scenarios in PTV Vissim. (Recorded February 2021)
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