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Make better, more confident decisions with updated PTV Map&Guide internet features such as price finder, break-even analysis and minimum wage administration!
Most businesses see the need to compete by offering low bidding prices and win as many customers as possible, but that’s not the answer. The demand-supply imbalance is a repercussion of trade growth that has outpaced the availability of transport services. Competition becomes significantly harder which then led many businesses into bankruptcy. Now, there are new challenges ahead, especially for international road hauliers. There are several minimum wage laws for foreign drivers and regulations within Europe to take into account when you plan for international transports. By ignoring these laws, your company and employees run a high risk of being fined or having your vehicles shut down.

Thankfully for you, you have PTV Map&Guide internet and now with new features to help you tackle these challenges and accomplish more.

  • Break-Even Analysis
    Reach target margins easily even for single orders. Calculate if some orders are profitable enough to compensate for the less profitable ones to achieve an acceptable profit margin for your trip.

  • Price Finder
    Calculate your target selling price based on the total costs and the defined target margin you want to reach.

  • Benchmarking
    Compare different orders to see the difference in total costs and margins while taking into account your chosen key indicators such as total expenses, toll, margin, driving distance, driving time, etc.

    Download Fact Sheet: Advanced Cost Calculation

  • Minimum Wage Administration
    Calculate the gross minimum wage and the salary costs for your drivers based on countrywide minimum wage law requirements. PTV Map&Guide calculates with exact and realistic values under consideration of legal restrictions and hours of service on a country level. The surcharges are only taken into account for the actual relevant working time within a minimum wage in relevant countries. As a result, you can calculate without additional risk premiums and thereby increases your competitiveness for future proposals.

    Download Fact Sheet: Minimum Wage 

  • Truck Parking Europe Booking Reservation
    The advanced corridor search now allows you to configure several filter settings. Thereby you can easily find the best parking places based on security, infrastructure and convenience aspects. You can also highlight bookable parking places to arrange reservations directly.

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